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The Wilderness Medicine Newsletter is an online resource for Wilderness Medicine Care Providers. Originally a bi-monthly journal with a yearly subscription rate, the WMN has evolved into a digital resource. A one-time subscription includes access to more than 200 published articles on a wide range of treatments for injuries, diseases and prevention techniques.  Become a Member

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ISSN-1059-6518 By Frank Hubbell, DO Illustrations By T.B.R. Walsh Places where you used to only see the intrepid adventurer you are now seeing more and more families. These families are recreating with all ages, including the very young. So it seemed like the time was right to review pediatric medical emergencies and management of them […]

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The Wilderness Medicine Newsletter is underwritten by
Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities, the oldest continuously
operating school of wilderness medicine in the world. SOLO offers
comprehensive medical training including WEMT, WFR, and Wilderness First Aid.

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Rebecca L.

Fantastic! Just try to find this information so well explained and illustrated anywhere else!

Rebecca L.in West Virginia
James R

As a medical professional working in the great outdoors, I find this information valuable. I look forward to reading this in my spare time. My coworkers are always impressed with my level of knowledge when medical subjects come up.

James Rin Maine
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That’s right, your $15 subscription is now for life. And new subscribers will pay a one-time $15 price for a lifetime subscription.

As information has changed in wilderness medicine, we have always tried to change with it. The first issue of the WMN was published (on paper) in May of 1988. In 2002 we went digital and in 2010 we stopped charging for back issues. In 2014 we made the site scalable and more searchable.

Now, after 28 years of publishing the WMN, we are doing away with subscription renewals.

We feel that the hundreds of articles and illustrations that make up the WMN site has reached a certain critical mass and become more of a resource to which we keep adding, and less of a traditional periodical. Continuing to charge subscribers as though we were a traditional periodical no longer feels right, so we are doing away with it. It that simple.

We will continue to add new content and we will continue to make improvements to the WMN site. We feel that the information we have accumulated over 28 years is valuable and should be more easily accessible to more readers. That’s our goal, it always has been, and we will continue to keep moving in that direction.

Thanks for your past support.